Travelogue Live '05' DVD

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Hello Cleveland (Doc)
I am Electro
Spinning Round
Radio Babylon
Japan (Doc)
God O.D.
Europe (Doc)
No Purpose No Design
Southern States (Doc)
Shes Unreal, Helter Skelter
The Light Incident (Doc)
Edge of No Control
Prime Audio Soup

This tour DVD features an engaging performance at the Cabaret Metro in Chicago on June 22nd 2005. The group seen here includes Jack Dangers (video sampler/AKS/vocals), Ben Stokes (video sampler), Mark Pistel (Serge modular/Ableton Live), and Lynn Farmer (V-Drums). Footage from Austin, Berlin, and Osaka is also included. The collective began in 1987 as an experimental/industrial duo inspired by the cut-and-paste attitudes of hip-hop and dub. Eventually, MBM became a vehicle for Dangers to explore the emerging trends in electronica. Their approach to studio recording has been widely influential; here they translate it into a killer live show.

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