Tino's Breaks Volume 5 - Dub

Tino's Breaks Volume 5 - Dub


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D-U-B Dub
Tuff Dub
Kickit Dub
Toasted Dub
Sunday Dub
Monster Dub
Body Dub
Hole in the Sky Dub
Elegant Dub
Liquid Dub
Tino's Factory
Scratch Tracks
D-U-B Dub Version
Out FX

Tino Corp. | TNO005 | CD, Digital, Vinyl

Enhanced CD with video track, "Tino's Factory" Plus previously unreleased tracks: "Monster Dub", "Tino's Factory", "D.U.B. Version" and bonus bits: "FX 2", "FX 3", "Out FX" ....Electro dub meets rootsy re-invention!

Dangers, Stokes & Powell team up again with drumming legend, Tino, to explore the fascinating world of dub. Tempos range from 72 BPM to 140 BPM but all tracks adhere to the simple rules of dub as described by Tino "..by pulling in and out many channels of [the] mix, the engineer [creates] an entirely new composition on the fly." In that same Dub spirit, Tino boldy embraces the gratuitous use of reverb and delay to full, fuzzy-headed effect!

"Tino's Breaks' are buy-on-sight collections of breaks and interludes for DJ' and this fifth installment is just as valuable. What distinguishes them from other breaks collections is that these are complete creations that can stand on their own rather than labored loops that sound stale if you leave them on too long. But this one is particularly recommended for those who like it extra blunted." - URB