Tino's Breaks Volume 4 - Mambo

Tino's Breaks Volume 4 - Mambo


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Hands Over Tom Toms
I Like It Mambo
Mambo Lesson
Ritmos Latinos
Play A Mambo
Conversation with Tino
Claro Mambo
Lunar Cha Cha
Ice Pick Mambo
Musica Mambo
Radio Havana Mambo
Fresh Mambo

Tino Corp. | TNO004 | CD, Digital, Vinyl

Although Afro-Cuban is a common flavor running throughout the Tino's Breaks series, this is the record that embodies the music totally. Tino recorded only traditional Latin rhythms with a trap kit and overdubbed congas, timbales, cowbells, and bongos.

"Tino's performance soars to new heights . . . he is without question in his prime as a percussionist," says the Havana La Raza.

Producer Ben Stokes recorded Tino in Chicago at "Voodoo Spiral", a space now defunct. "Tino really got back to basics, he wants to educate more than anything now." Although intended as an educational / anthropological study of Cuban music, this record appeals to DJs on many levels. It's raw syncopation and steady cowbell makes it optimal for mixing.

Check out the crazy scratch tracks that Mike Powell, Jack Dangers contributed rare bits to.