Storm The Studio (Remastered)

Storm The Studio (Remastered)

Meat Beat Manifesto

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$ 11.00 Album
God O.D., Pt.1
God O.D., Pt.2
God O.D., Pt.3
God O.D., Pt.4
Re-Animator, Pt.1
Re-Animator, Pt.2
Re-Animator, Pt.3
Re-Animator, Pt.4
Strap Down, Pt.1
Strap Down, Pt.2
Strap Down, Pt.3
I Got The Fear, Pt.1
I Got The Fear, Pt.2
I Got The Fear, Pt.3
I Got The Fear, Pt.4

MBM Records | MBM008 | Digital

Remastering of album done by Jack Dangers from original tapes.

Written and produced by Dangers
Recorded at The Slaughterhouse, F2, Drive Studio
Mixed at The Slaughterhouse
Mastered and cut at The Town House

Design by Richard Borge

Originally released February, 1989