Armed Audio Warfare (Remastered)

Armed Audio Warfare (Remastered)

Meat Beat Manifesto

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$ 11.00 Album
Mister President
I Got The Fear
Kneel & Buzz
Kick That Man
Fear Version
Give Your Body Its Freedom
Mars Needs Women

MBM Records | MBM007

Digital Remastering of album done by Jack Dangers from original tapes.

Notes from sleeve -

Meat Beat Manifesto's debut album, "Armed Audio Warfare" was scheduled for release in may 1988. The masters to that album were damaged in a fire at Meat Beat HQ, Berwick St, Soho. New tracks were written and recorded, then released as the double album "Storm the Studio" (SDX 040/CD) in may 1989. This album is a compilation of previously unreleased and rare tracks that embody the initial furore of Meat Beat's manifesto. Had "Armed Audio Warfare" been released as planned, it might have sounded like this.

01 unreleased "burnt" remix of "God O.D.", recorded December 1988.
02 unreleased track recorded February 1988.
03 from Sweatbox compilation Bark released May 1988.
04 from unreleased 12" (SOX 037) scheduled for release during August 1988.
05-07 from Suck Hard debut E.P. limited to 1500 copies, released December 1987.
08 from unreleased "Suck Hard" CD single, recorded January 1988.
09 original version of "Strap Down" released June 1988 on Strap Down CDs.
10 flip side of "God O.D." single released December 1988.
11 unreleased track recorded February 1988.

Originally released in May, 1990.
Written & produced by Jack Dangers.

Sleeve and design Richard Borge

Track #9 is a edit of its original full length off the Strap Down singles.

Track #10 is listed as original coming off the God.O.D single but it is a completely different version.